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3-Day LIVE Event

FEBRUARY 13-15, 2024


The MSP Revenue Generator

1 Day Lunch and Learn Roadshow

FEBRUARY 13-15, 2024


The MSP Revenue Generator

2-Day Sales & Marketing Event

FEBRUARY 20, 2024

WHERE can you find us this year

The LIVE Event Schedule

3-Day 7 Figure MSP™ Live Event: INDIANAPOLIS

May 7-9

3-Day 7 Figure MSP™ Live Event:


August 13-15

3-Day 7 Figure MSP™ Live Event:


October 22-24, 2024

The MSP Revenue Generator: OTTAWA, ON

May 28

The MSP Revenue Generator: OKLAHOMA CITY

July 18

The MSP Revenue Generator: LONDON, UK

July 16

The MSP Revenue Generator: MILWAUKEE, WI

August 29

The MSP Revenue Generator: MINNEAPOLIS, MN

September 19

The MSP Revenue Generator: CALGARY, AB

October 10

3-Day 7 Figure MSP™ Live Event: SAN ANTONIO, TX

October 22-24

The MSP Revenue Generator: PHILADELPHIA, PA

November 21

The MSP Revenue Generator: SAN FRANCISCO, CA

December 12

With Your Host

Chris Wiser

Is the Founder and CEO of 7 Figure MSP™ , a company committed to providing top level business coaching and resources that move MSPs forward.

The vision of 7 Figure MSP™ is to provide cutting-edge sales and marketing coaching and strategy, as well as help MSP business owners grow their company and secure their businesses longevity and success.

Chris's methods and strategies have helped over 300 MSP business owners reach over 7 figures in just the past 2 years.

His sales-first, cashflow creating strategies are unmatched in the current IT and MSP business landscape.

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Online Training Schedule

Book 10 New Leads Every Month: 3 Strategies EVERY MSP Should Be Using

May 20th 3pm CST

Double Your MRR in 6 Months or Less

June 3rd 3pm CST

Stop Relying on Referrals to Build Your MSP: Get 10 New Leads Per Month with Cold Calling

June 17th 3pm CST

How to Run QBRs That Upsell Your Clients

July 1st 3pm CST

How to Hire + Train Your First Dialer

July 15th 3pm CST

The Roadmap To Hiring Your First Salesperson

Aug 5th 3pm CST

More Online Training

This Year


How Our Events Help Members

  • Struggling with feast or famine revenue

  • Uncertain about which marketing works

  • Inconsistent sales

  • Operationally a mess

  • Predictable Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • Pipeline filled with leads

  • Consistent closes with clients that know, like and trust you.

  • A dream business

What People Say

About Our Events & Content

Sandra - Sales Manager

"I was the skeptic... untill I realised this was the key that I needed to really move the sales team forward to grow the company"

Eddie - $50K MRR Club Member

"In the long run it will change your entire organization"

George - $100K MRR Club Member

"Chris gave me the tools, processes and the confidence to take things to that next level"

James - $100K MRR Club Member

"If you're at a point, where you're stuck and don't know where to go or how to get there... this is the group to be in."

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